Health professional information

1800 My Options provides sexual and reproductive health information to Victorian women, including where they can access contraception services, abortion and other related services. 1800 My Options does not provide medical, clinical, counselling or financial services. 

Health professionals can be involved with the service in a number of ways:

Register your services on our database

1800 My Options maintains a database of clinical and other sexual and reproductive health service providers, who consent to have their information provided to Victorian women.  

The storage of information within the 1800 My Options database complies with national privacy legislative requirements as well as with Victorian State Government data security requirements.

Service providers have the option of being publicly listed on a website, or having their information kept privately, and only made available to women under certain circumstances. More information about the database can be found on the online registration form.

If you would like to register your services on the 1800 My Options database you can  complete this online form:

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Making referrals and promoting 1800 My Options

Health professionals can direct women to contact 1800 My Options via the phoneline (1800 696 784) or website. In cases where women have complex medical conditions, please consider direct referral to the most appropriate tertiary health services. Health professionals are encouraged to display posters and other promotional materials in their services (waiting rooms, notice boards, etc) to empower women to access the sexual and reproductive health information that they need.

Contact us

For general information, queries or to request promotional materials about 1800 My Options, email or call 1800 696 784 and ask to speak with one of our Team Leaders.


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